Thursday, November 27, 2008

MRSM Mersing!

Just nak cite a bit about my new school.First time dtg and jejak kaki kt Mersing mase dpt offer 2nd intake for new students.Honestly,mmg x penah fikir pon akn sampai ke Mersing even though ade pak cik kt sini.Actually,x la excited and interested sgt nak msk mrsm but ntahla.Myb bile fikir blk x rugi pon msk mrsm.At first tuh mmg x ingin langsung nak accept offer tuh but parents always the best!So,secara rasminya pd 24 Mac 08 saya yg bername Siti Nuraisah bte. Abdul Ghani melaporkan diri dan mendaftarkan diri sbg pelajar di MRSM Mersing. (dramatic plak! xD) Haha.Start time ni la merasa jd perantauan. HUHU. A new place,a new school,a new environment and obviously new members and teachers.But it wasnt so bad.Dapat merasa something new.Pejam celik pejam celik almost 8 months jgk la dah study kt situ. (Congrats,Aisah.You made it!). Ahahaha.Anyway,next year will be tough.SPM year laa.10A1?Insyaallah!Strive for excellence =DD

edboard <3

Hurmm,nothing much. I just love everything about edboards. the wonderful seniors,bundle of works,fabulous team and last but not least the society. My photography mate are awesome. Izzul,you extremely ROCK and Nagy,you are sporting enough. Ahaha.Others was great too.Amni,you rockstar babe.Aleen,a girl with full of passion,Harith the tiny guy,Assif the big mouth,Peeja sexy,Jue hottie and few other members that totally talented.

What else?Oh,the seniors was good and helpful (i guess).Ahaha,anyway thanks for everything to Kak Atiq,Kak Bell,Syahmi(bajet hensem =p),Mus(Chap ejek him mat capap),both Kak Milin(cant recall their dad's name xD),my BIG boss (Hafiz Seri Tambak,weird rite?) and not to forget Chap a.k.a Capang (btw,he have 3 nicks. Faris,Remy and Franky.I just dont know why).I will be missing to tarik tudung Kak Bell (she's kaki kutuk =p) Anyway,year 2008 almost end and year 2009 is around the corner.Lots of memories and sadness.I gonna miss everything.Wah,looks like next year will be our turn to manage the school magazine.=D

Sunday, November 23, 2008


wah!most of us kene virus blog or blog fever :B

anyway,everyone kinda bored with myspace and friendster stuff rite?

hurm,feel free to read and comment my blog k!

i will try to read your blog too.

thanks a zillion :D

-aisah james scott-